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Ms. Lauren

Aprende, Bailando y Cantando, en español, is a great way to get your children excited about learning Spanish. Cindi Silvano is a fun little girl who will get you singing and dancing...en español. Children and parents alike will have fun during story time in two languages!!

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Hola amigos and Bienvenidos a ABC en español...

I hope you are enjoying my web-site!  Check back often and use the songs and videos to learn lots of fun vocabulary en español!!  

Check out and Enjoy my new picture gallery.   Also check my videos, the latest one is about yummy "frutas".  My "alfabeto en español" is coming soon, it is has proven a difficult video to make!

If you have other Elementary School students, please feel free to pass my name along to their teachers or librarians.  I am happy to make guest appearances (shows).  I can tweak my presentations to custom fit individual classes and lessons.  

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