Enjoy my songs and videos while you learn Spanish.  Disfruten mis canciones y videos mientras aprenda español.  

Also, feel free to check out my YouTube page at lbruzonic and download all of my songs in itunes!  También, busque mi página de YouTube a lbruzonic y baje toda mi música en itunes.  

Where do you like to go and how can you get there???  Check out our transportation song and see lots of different ways to get to where you want to go!!

Enjoy singing your ABCs en español!! 

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Practice singing this super fun Christmas song en español!   

 Check out this new video for one of our old favorite friends:)  The worm, Tutu!

What is your favorite thing to do in the park?  Do you like to go on picnics?  Bella does!  Take a look at some of Bella's favorite things.  She's going to tell you about them...en español! 

This is the song that we sing each day to review the days of the week in Spanish.  Our friend the mailman (El cartero) helps us out!

Enjoy our song about sopa (soup)!  It was fun making soup in class!

A little bit of science when it comes to rainbows...although the colors in the song are a little off...did you notice???

Do you like to go the pumpkin patch?  What kind of pumpkins do you like to get, big ones, little ones or gigantic ones???

Do you like to eat "frutas"??  Take a look and see what kind of frutas I like to eat!!  Can you remember the name for the colors that the different frutas are??

Sing along to the song PABLO el Oso Polar!  You might recognize the tune.

Check out this video on Flamenco dancing.  I chose this one because it was a class for little ones and thought the kids might enjoy it more!  

Use our friend, el gusano Tutu to learn your colors...en español:)